The Equipment:

  • Post Mix refrigerated dispensing equipment by Lancer Corporation.
  • Equipment available in 2-Head dispense platform.
  • Easy Front loading no mess platform.
  • Simple sanitation and “plug-n-play” service components.
  • 1/3–1/2 smaller than standard milk cows with 1/3 more finished capacity.

Program Features:

  • Hot or Cold Lattes. Espresso. and Iced Coffees
  • Customize Your Own Branded Latte
  • Made with Grade A Real Milk and Sumatran Espresso
  • Coffeehouse Quality at a Fraction of the Cost and Time
  • From Liquid Concentrate
  • Aseptically Packaged
  • Unique Three Valve, One Touch Self-Sanitizing Dispenser
  • Programmable for Portion Control or Manual Pour

Benefits to you:

  • Serve any Coffeehouse Drink and Capture Additional Sales
  • Promote Your Chain and Profit with a Proprietary Drink using Your Coffee Blend
  • Authentic Taste: Taste The Difference, You’ll Be Amazed!
  • Higher Retail than Non-Dairy plus Lower Cost than a Barista = Increased Profit
  • Reduced Refill Frequency and Transportation Costs
  • Shelf-stable for 180 days — No Refrigeration during Transportation and Storage
  • Very Low Equipment and Operator Cost
  • Operational Flexibility and High Thru-put with Little Labor