The Perfect Milk™

Reinventing the economics
of handling milk.

Through its patent paending process, The Perfect Milk™ is identical to fresh milk when reconstituted with water. The Perfect Milk™ offers the advantage of weighing up to 5 times less than regular milk. The Perfect Milk™, through the Ultra Pasteurization process, also allows for a 180 day shelf life from the date of manufacture. The Perfect Milk™’s extended shelf life and concentrated feature reduces storage and handling up to one fifth of regular fresh milk. When packaged aseptically, refrigeration is not required. The Perfect Milk™ is manufactured by major U.S. dairies utilizing state-of-the-art technology processes.

“Lets Talk Milkenomics”

The convenience and great taste of The Perfect Milk™ has reinvented the handling of milk! The Prefect Milk™ is rBST Free No Hormones Added!

Real Cappuccino & Milk Based Coffeehouse Products

Real Milk based Cappuccino and coffeehouse quality beverages made with grade A Milk and fresh roasted espresso extract for a true coffeehouse experience. Your customers will love the convenience and ease of coffeehouse beverages at the push of a button. Available in a wide variety of popular flavors, Chai Tea, French Vanilla, Mocha and Caramel which can be dispensed hot or now popular cold for serving over ice in our easy to use post mix dispenser. Available in 1 gallon Bag in Box format.